Christopher Lang

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RATIONALE Some women with epilepsy stop or decrease their antiepileptic drug (AED) therapy during pregnancy because they fear fetal effects of the therapy. This places the patient and her fetus at risk for potential adverse outcomes due to increased seizure activity. The rationale of this behavior is not completely understood and is underexplored. The aim(More)
Compactly supported orthogonal wavelets are built on the Can-tor dyadic group (the dyadic or a-series local field). Necessary and sufficient conditions are given on a trigonometric polynomial scaling filter for a mul-tiresolution analysis to result. A Lipschitz regularity condition is defined and an unconditional P-convergence result is given for regular(More)
Ankle stiffness is a nonlinear, time-varying system which contributes to the control of human upright stance. This study sought to examine the nature of the contribution of stiffness to postural control by determining how intrinsic and reflex stiffnesses varied with sway. Subjects were instructed to stand quietly on a bilateral electro-hydraulic actuator(More)
BACKGROUND Obstructing ureteral stones are a rare cause of anuria, which is typically from prerenal or renal etiologies. Classically, obstructive stones cause moderate to severe renal colic. Urolithiasis is rarely considered during evaluation of painless anuria. CASE PRESENTATION We present an unusual case of a 73-year-old Caucasian female who presented(More)
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