Christopher Laan

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This paper presents our research toward the design and development of a library of electronic hardware modules called <i>Blades and Tiles</i>. Interaction hardware design with blades and tiles provides researchers with considerable flexibility in iterating their designs, decoupling between the domains of electronics, software, firmware and mechanical(More)
We introduce core tangibles: physical interaction elements which serve common roles across a variety of tangible and embedded interfaces. We describe two such tangibles: tangible menus and interaction trays. These may be composed together to dynamically bind discrete and continuous interactors to various digital behaviors. We discuss our approach,(More)
An analytical procedure for the calculation of the derivatives of the reflectance R of a dielectric multilayer stack is presented. Considered are the derivatives ( partial differentialR/ partial differentialn(k))d, ( partial differentialR/ partial differentialn(k))D, ( partial differentialR/ partial differentiald(k))n, and ( partial differentialR/ partial(More)
If during the production of V-coatings the minimal power reflectance is nonvanishing, a remedy can be found in correcting the layer thicknesses in the next production run. Then difficulties arise since the same reflectance can be caused by two different sets of thicknesses. This paper describes a new method for the calculation of these thicknesses while a(More)
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