Christopher L. Holloway

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Certain commercial entities, equipment, or materials may be identified in this document in order to describe an experimental procedure or concept adequately. Such identification does not imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, nor does it imply that the entities, materials, or equipment are necessarily the(More)
  • Stefan Van De Beek, M Sc, Thesis, F B J Leferink, M J Bentum, G Heijenk +2 others
  • 2012
With new technologies such as machine-to-machine communications there is a growing need to test large-form-factor devices in reverberation chambers. The performance of the reverberation chamber can be affected by the physical characteristics of these devices. In this report it is discussed how the spatial uniformity of the received stirred power and the(More)
—In this paper, a study is made of the electrostatic potential and field of an electric dipole located in the interface between two dielectric regions. When the dipole is oriented perpendicular to the interface, the detailed position of the charges of the dipole relative to the location of the interface has a significant effect on the value of the field(More)
Simulation results for optical metamaterials (MTMs) derived from active coated nano-particle (CNP) inclusions for operation in the visible range of the spectrum between 400nm and 700nm are presented. Several examples of optical MTMs designed with these inclusions are characterized, including two-dimensional (2D) CNP metafilms; three-dimensional (3D)(More)
  • E Genender, C L Holloway, K A Remley, J Ladbury, G Koepke, H Garbe
  • 2008
—Multipath propagation environment effects, such as frequency-selective fading, have a strong impact on the quality of a wireless channel. For example, multipath can impact bit error rate (BER) differently from Gaussian noise. For testing wireless devices/systems in these multipath environments it is imperative to have a reliable, controllable, and(More)
In dogs, the retina develops during the postnatal period in a manner similar to that in other animals born with closed eyelids. Photoreceptor inner segments are initially observed as a cytoplasmic bulge protruding sclerad through the external limiting membrane. Outer segment formation begins when a centriole within the inner segment attaches to the distal(More)
  • S Kim, E F Kuester, C L Holloway, A D Scher, J R Baker-Jarvis
  • 2011
—In this paper, we present the extraction for effective material parameters for a metamaterial from TE or TM waveguide measurements with generalized sheet transition conditions (GSTCs) used to provide electric and magnetic surface susceptibilities that approximate boundary effects between the metamaterial and air. The retrieval algorithm determines the(More)
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