Christopher L. Connell

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Xerostomia, the subjective complaint of dry mouth, and hyposalivation remain a significant burden for many individuals. Diagnosis of xerostomia and salivary gland hypofunction is dependent upon a careful and detailed history and thorough oral examination. There exist many options for treatment and symptom management: salivary stimulants, topical agents,(More)
The renal tissue of 12-, 29-, 90- and 165-day-old genetically obese, hyperphagic, diabetic KKAy and age-matched nondiabetic C57BL/6 mice was morphometrically analyzed to characterize the development of peripheral glomerular capillary basement membrane thickening in the kidney of this animal model. Peripheral glomerular basement membrane (GBM) thickness was(More)
Chronic administration of ciglitazone (5-4[1-methyl-cyclohexylmethoxy)-benzyl]-thiazolidine-2,4 dione) decreased both plasma glucose and insulin concentrations in ob/ob mice. When given as an admixture to the feed, blood glucose levels were reduced as early as 12 hours after initiation of treatment. Concomitant with the decrease in circulating insulin,(More)
The splenic pancreas of 165 day old diabetic KKAy and age-matched nondiabetic C57BL/6 mice was examined by morphometry and immunocytochemistry at the light microscopic level and by radioimmunoassay to evaluate the morphology, surface area, endocrine cell composition and hormone content of the pancreatic islets. The insulin cells of the diabetic mice were(More)
The performance and success of many self-timed design methodologies commonly rely heavily on completion detection schemes in order to reliably acknowledge the termination of a computation associated with a self-timed functional block. A particularly vexing problem associated with many self-timed completion detection schemes proposed in the literature, is(More)
1 The Theorem Let Γ be a finitely-generated group, and S 1 the circle of radius 1 with metric d: S 1 × S 1 → [0, π]. We let ϕ: Γ × S 1 → S 1 denote an action of Γ on the circle by homeomorphisms. For notational convenience, given γ ∈ Γ we let γx = ϕ(γ)(x). Definition 1.1 The action ϕ: Γ × S 1 → S 1 is expansive if there exists > 0 so that for any pair x = y(More)
We revisit a classic question of Fenchel from 1953: Which quasiconcave functions can be concavified by a monotonic transformation? While many authors have given partial answers under various assumptions, we offer a complete characterization for all quasiconcave functions without a priori assumptions on regularity. In particular, we show that if and only if(More)