Christopher L. Bear

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An Oklahoma meat packing company with 286 production workers experienced a high incidence of cumulative trauma disorder (CTD), specifically carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The company learned about the Carpal Tunnel Decompression Exercises (exercise program) through the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons' official web page. The Orthopaedic &(More)
July–September 2000 Introduction Increased competition and the convergence of voice, data, and video networks and services are causing communication service providers to look for innovative services to differentiate their offerings. The need to rapidly develop and introduce new services is driving service providers to network products with open application(More)
This paper examines how freshwater anglers in northern England „read‟ rivers as landscapes and work with them relationally, through various sorts of embodied knowledge-practices, as part of their angling activity: processes that they call „watercraft‟. We use this example of environmental engagement to go beyond the visual engagement with landscapes that(More)
This paper studies how anglers in northern England invoke models of equilibrium and ̳the balance of nature‘ in making sense of the water environments where they regularly fish, and how they use these models as norms or ideals when designing environmental management, alongside an emphasis upon natural agency and unpredictability. Like other publics, anglers(More)
This paper positions the recent emergence of robotic or automatic milking systems (AMS) in relation to discourses surrounding the longer history of milking technologies in the UK and elsewhere. The mechanization of milking has been associated with sets of hopes and anxieties which permeated the transition from hand to increasingly automated forms of(More)
fect in Cystic Fibrosis was held in May 1999 in Chalkidiki, Greece and was attended by about fifty scientists, research fellows and students. This conference was the first of a planned new series of conferences focussing on the underlying secretory defect and catering for the basic scientist aiming to remain abreast with recent advances in cystic fibrosis(More)
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