Christopher L Baldwin

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A study was conducted to determine the biohazards associated with use of the large-scale zonal centrifuge for purification of moderate risk oncogenic viruses. To safely and conveniently assess the hazard, coliphage T3 was substituted for the virus in a typical processing procedure performed in a National Cancer Institute contract laboratory. Risk of(More)
A consequence of thermal diffusion is that heat, even when applied to a localized region of space, has the tendency to produce a temperature change that is spatially uniform throughout a material with a thermal conductivity that is much larger than that of its environment. This implies that the degree of spatial correlation between the heat power supplied(More)
The two primary categories for eigenstate phases of matter at a finite temperature are many-body localization (MBL) and the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis (ETH). We show that, in the paradigmatic quantum p-spin models of the spin-glass theory, eigenstates violate the ETH yet are not MBL either. A mobility edge, which we locate using the(More)
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