Christopher Kimber

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BURRIDGE, M. J., BROWN, C. G. D., AND KIMBER, C. D. 1974. Theileria anndata: Cross-reactions between a Cell Culture Schizont Antigen and Antigens of .East African Species in the Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test. Experimental Parasitology 35, 374380. A schizont antigen for the indirect fluorescent antibody test was prepared from an in &TO culture(More)
Theileria infections were induced in cattle by feeding ticks on them from 3 sources: (a) adult rhipicephalid ticks obtained from the vegetation in a paddock containing an eland EAO at the Animal Orphanage, Nairobi National Park, Kenya, (b) Rhipicephalus appendiculatus adults fed as nymphs on the same eland, (c) R. pulchellus adults fed as nymphs on an eland(More)
PURPOSE Minimally invasive adrenalectomy (MIA) is the criterion standard for removal of small adrenal tumors in adults. The purpose of this review was to determine the place of MIA in children. METHODS The authors conducted a systematic review of the pediatric and adult literature about MIA, focusing on the technique and indications. RESULTS Minimally(More)
The miniature anion-exchange/centrifugation (AEC) method, originally developed for the detection of submicroscopic trypanosomaemias in laboratory rodents, has been adapted for the diagnosis of trypanosomiasis in man in the field using blood samples obtained by finger-prick. It has been tested in a survey in The Gambia. The method is shown to be highly(More)
To analyse the clinical features and outcome following surgery of giant splenic cysts in␣children, all patients presenting to a children's hospital over the years 1987–1996 were reviewed. Variables analysed included presenting symptoms, method of diagnosis, operative procedure, and complications. Six patients (aged 8–16 years) presented with abdominal pain(More)
BACKGROUND At antenatal ultrasound, severe megacystis implies high foetal mortality rate. Traditionally, many of these foetuses undergo termination of pregnancy. We undertook a study to investigate the prognostic factor(s) for megacystis foetuses. METHODS 61 consecutive cases of antenatally diagnosed severe megacystis between 1988 to 2008 were reviewed(More)
Two theilerial parasites, both pathogenic for cattle, which had been isolated during a field trial conducted in Kenya, were studied in the laboratory. One of the parasites was mechanically transmissible and the other tick-transmitted. The sera of two groups of cattle, each infected with one of these parasites, were studied by the indirect fluorescent(More)