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Four kindreds of east Arnhem Land Australian aboriginal people from Groote Eylandt and adjacent communities display symptoms of a similar spinocerebellar degeneration (multiple-system degenerative disease). The familial pattern indicates an autosomal dominant inheritance, though with varying penetrance in different families. This condition is clinically and(More)
The aim of this book is provide a broad synopsis of global volcanic hazards and risk with a focus on the impact of eruptions on society and to provide the first comprehensive global assessment of volcanic hazard and risk. 2014) is regarded as the authoritative source of information on Earth's volcanism and is the main resource for this study (data cited in(More)
Hyperendemic foci of motor neurone disease, and other neurodegenerative disorders, are located in the western Pacific area, in the Japanese of the Kii Peninsula of Honshu Island, the Chamorros of the Mariana Islands, the Auyu and Jakai of West New Guinea. It is suspected that there is a common aetiologic pathway from toxic metal and essential minerals in(More)
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