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Kalispel Tribe of Indians Wildlife Mitigation and Restoration for Albeni Falls Dam: Flying Goose Ranch Phase I.
This report is a recommendation from the Kalispel Tribe to the Northwest Power Planning Council (NPPC) for wildlife habitat mitigation for the extensive habitat losses caused by Albeni Falls Dam onExpand
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Cost Savings and What Really Matters
In the department of “not seeing the forest for the trees”, something very odd happened a number of years ago to our investment culture despite good research on the topic. In 1986, Gary P. Brinson,Expand
30,000 Products
Diversification, as a principle of risk reduction, is an old concept. To attach a date to it, we would have to go back several hundred years in history. For today’s modern board, however, it is aExpand
Farewell to Uncle Milt
Though socially responsible investing (SRI) has been around for as long as portfolio diversification, if not longer, its widespread and transformative effect on investing culture did not begin toExpand
The Active Versus Passive Debate
In 2018, Vanguard group passed the $5 trillion mark in assets under management, closing in on BlackRock, the largest with $6 trillion. It was also the fastest growing manager. Question: How does theExpand
Asset Owner Governance and Fiduciary Effectiveness: The Case of Public Pension Plans
ASSET OWNER GOVERNANCE AND FIDUCIARY EFFECTIVENESS: THE CASE OF PUBLIC PENSION PLANS By Christopher K. Merker, CFA Marquette University, 2017 Purpose: The U.S. and many developed countries areExpand
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Active Versus Passive: The Evidence
The Efficient Markets Hypothesis predicts that in markets where information is readily available and widely known there are less likely to be profitable opportunities for stock pickers or activeExpand
OK, We’ve Bought In…Now What?
So, let us say for a moment the board has bought in to the fifth imperative, “Be Impactful”, and the board now wants to retool your organization’s portfolio to start heading down this path. What doExpand
Human Error and Behavioral Finance
What is human error? Human error means that something has been done that was “not intended by the actor; not desired by a set of rules or an external observer; or that led the task or system outsideExpand