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This comprehensive text and reference work on numerical weather prediction covers for the first time, not only methods for numerical modeling, but also the important related areas of data assimilation and predictability. It incorporates all aspects of environmental computer modeling including an historical overview of the subject, equations of motion and(More)
There is increasing interest in predicting ecological processes. Methods to accomplish such predictions must account for uncertainties in observation, sampling, models, and parameters. Statistical methods for spatio-temporal processes are powerful, yet difficult to implement in complicated, high-dimensional settings. However, recent advances in hierarchical(More)
Analyses of ecological data should account for the uncertainty in the process(es) that generated the data. However, accounting for these uncertainties is a difficult task, since ecology is known for its complexity. Measurement and/or process errors are often the only sources of uncertainty modeled when addressing complex ecological problems, yet analyses(More)
Environmental systems are complicated. They include very intricate spatio-temporal processes, interacting on a wide variety of scales. There is increasingly vast amounts of data for such processes from geographical information systems, remote sensing platforms , monitoring networks, and computer models. In addition, often there is a great variety of(More)
Wind elds are important for many geophysical reasons, but high resolution wind data over ocean regions are scarce and diicult to collect. A satellite-borne scatterometer produces high resolution wind data. We constructed a hierarchical spatial model for estimating wind elds over the Labrador sea region based on scatterometer data. The model incorporates(More)
A major goal of evolutionary biology is to understand the dynamics of natural selection within populations. The strength and direction of selection can be described by regressing relative fitness measurements on organismal traits of ecological significance. However, many important evolutionary characteristics of organisms are complex, and have(More)