Christopher K. Hobbs

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This paper reports a software engineering class focused around experiential learning through an industry-partnered project. It includes a student's perspective on the class experience. The authors argue that software engineering classes that only utilize trivial homework neglect crucial software development soft skills and fail to prepare students for(More)
Many gram-negative bacteria use type III secretion systems (T3SSs) to translocate effector proteins into host cells. T3SS effectors can give some bacteria a competitive edge over others within the same environment and can help bacteria to invade the host cells and allow them to multiply rapidly within the host. Therefore, developing efficient methods to(More)
A typical affinity purification coupled to mass spectrometry (AP-MS) experiment includes the purification of a target protein (bait) using an antibody and subsequent mass spectrometry analysis of all proteins co-purifying with the bait (aka prey proteins). Like any other systems biology approach, AP-MS experiments generate a lot of data and visualization(More)
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