Christopher Jenkins

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Four studies were conducted to test the hypothesis that group-related physical features may directly activate related stereotypes, leading to more stereotypic inferences over and above those resulting from categorization. As predicted, targets with more Afrocentric features were judged as more likely to have traits stereotypic of African Americans. This(More)
The asymmetry in the rho angular distribution in the sequential decay Omega+-->LamdaKappa+-->rhopi+Kappa+. has been measured to be alphaOmegaalphaLamda=[+1.16+/-0.18(stat)+/-0.17(syst)]x10(-2) using 1.89x10(6) unpolarized Omega+ decays recorded by the HyperCP (E871) experiment at Fermilab. Using the known value of alphaLamda, and assuming that(More)
Lipids fulfill multiple specialized roles in neuronal function. In brain, the conduction of electrical impulses, synaptic function, and complex signaling pathways depend on the temporally and spatially coordinated interactions of specialized lipids (e.g., arachidonic acid and plasmalogens), proteins (e.g., ion channels, phospholipases and cyclooxygenases)(More)
We report the first evidence for the decay Sigma(+)-->pmu(+)mu(-) from data taken by the HyperCP (E871) experiment at Fermilab. Based on three observed events, the branching ratio is B(Sigma(+)-->pmu(+)mu(-))=[8.6(+6.6)(-5.4)(stat)+/-5.5(syst)]x10(-8). The narrow range of dimuon masses may indicate that the decay proceeds via a neutral intermediate state,(More)
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