Christopher Jarvis

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(ABSTRACT) In this thesis we conduct a numerical study of the 1D viscous Burgers' equation and several Reduced Order Models (ROMs) over a range of parameter values. This study is motivated by the need for robust reduced order models that can be used both for design and control. Thus the model should first, allow for selection of optimal parameter values in(More)
In this context we define spatial analysis to mean Statistical Inference which takes into account spatial data, including but not limited to spatial exploratory data analysis. Groups in a Cluster randomised trial (CRT) are often defined geographically, giving spatial structure to the data. Taking account of the spatial aspects in the design and analysis of(More)
— Parameter dependent systems are found in many complex coupled systems. When applying optimization techniques , using full order models for the solution of parameter dependent systems may simply be intractable. Therefore we investigate methods for generating reduced order models that can be applied to nonlinear parameter dependent systems. The development(More)
INTRODUCTION: Crocodilians and birds are the two extant clades of archosaurs, a group that includes the extinct dinosaurs and pterosaurs. Fossils suggest that living crocodilians (alligators, crocodiles, and ghari-als) have a most recent common ancestor 80 to 100 million years ago. Extant crocodilians are notable for their distinct morphology, limited(More)
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