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Colloidal mixtures containing bile salts (BS), phosphatidylcholine (PC), and medium and long-chain monoglycerides and fatty acids were prepared as model systems to represent typical intestinal(More)
Purpose. To investigate the impact of lipidic formulation type on in vitro dispersion and digestion properties and the relationship to oral bioavailability, using danazol as a model lipophilic poorly(More)
The Lipid Formulation Classification System Consortium is an industry-academia collaboration, established to develop standardized in vitro methods for the assessment of lipid-based formulations(More)
Cationic poly-L-lysine 3H-dendrimers with either 16 or 32 surface amine groups (BHALys [Lys]4 [3H-Lys]8 [NH2]16 and BHALys [Lys]8 [3H-Lys]16 [NH2]32, generation 3 and 4, respectively) have been(More)