Christopher J. A. Daley

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YZGD from Paenibacillus thiaminolyticus is a novel bifunctional enzyme with both PLPase (pyridoxal phosphatase) and Nudix (nucleoside diphosphate x) hydrolase activities. The PLPase activity is(More)
The title extended solid coordination compound, {[Fe(C(44)H(40)N(2)O(4)P(2))(C(3)H(7)NO)(2)](ClO(4))(2)·2C(3)H(7)NO}(n), was crystallized un-ex-pectedly from the reaction mixture containing the Trost(More)
The first synthesis and characterization of metal coordinated complexes containing in situ prepared chiral trinitrogen 1,3-bis(4,5-dihydrooxazol-2-ylimino)isoindoline-based pincer ligands are(More)