Christopher J. Wood

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PURPOSE To evaluate computed tomographic (CT) colonography as a screening tool for average-risk asymptomatic subjects with regard to participation, acceptability, and safety. MATERIALS AND METHODS CT colonography for colorectal neoplasia screening was offered to 2,000 subjects aged 50-54 and 65-69 years. Only asymptomatic subjects at average risk of(More)
BACKGROUND To compare low-dose abdominal computed tomography (LDCT) with plain abdominal radiography (AR) in the primary investigation of acute abdominal pain to determine if there is a difference in diagnostic yield, the number of additional investigations required and hospital length of stay (LOS). METHODS This randomized controlled trial was approved(More)
We investigated a range of different mesoporous NiO electrodes prepared by different research groups and private firms in Europe to determine the parameters which influence good quality photoelectrochemical devices. This benchmarking study aims to solve some of the discrepancies in the literature regarding the performance of p-DSCs due to differences in the(More)
Donor-π-acceptor photosensitizers for NiO photocathodes that exhibit a broad spectral response across the visible region are presented. These enabled an increase in the photocurrent density of p-type dye-sensitized solar cells to 8.2 mA cm(-2) and a tandem cell to be assembled which generated a photocurrent density of 5.15 mA cm(-2).
This article describes a comparison between the photophysical properties of two charge-transfer dyes adsorbed onto NiO via two different binding moieties. Transient spectroscopy measurements suggest that the structure of the anchoring group affects both the rate of charge recombination between the dye and NiO surface and the rate of dye regeneration by an(More)
Lindqvist polyoxometalate (POM) additives increase VOC in p-type DSSCs by up to 140%, yielding substantial efficiency gains for poorly matched dyes and redox mediators. For better dye/electrolyte combinations, these gains are typically outweighed by losses in JSC. Charge lifetime and transient IR measurements show that this is due to retardation of both(More)
Mg Ni mixed metal oxide photocathodes have been prepared by a mixed NiCl2/MgCl2 sol-gel process. The MgO/NiO electrodes have been extensively characterized using physical and electrochemical methods. Dye-sensitized solar cells have been prepared from these films, and the higher concentrations of MgO improved the photovoltage of these devices; however, there(More)
Investigation of a new bis(carboxylate)triazole­based anchoring ligand for dye solar cell chromophore complexes Original Citation I. (2017) Investigation of a new bis(carboxylate)triazole­based anchoring ligand for dye solar cell chromophore complexes. Users may access full items free of charge; copies of full text items generally can be reproduced,(More)