Christopher J. Wood

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This study investigated the effects of meditation/relaxation on physiological responses during the performance of a fine motor and a gross motor task. A pretest-posttest control group, randomized-blocks design was used to study a group of 16 meditators and a group of 16 nonmeditators, subgroups of each who relaxed prior to performing on a pursuit-rotor(More)
We describe a graphical calculus for completely positive maps and in doing so review the theory of open quantum systems and other fundamental primitives of quantum information theory using the language of tensor networks. In particular we demonstrate the construction of tensor networks to pictographically represent the Liouville-superoperator, Choi-matrix,(More)
A novel anchoring ligand for dye-sensitised solar cell chromophoric complexes, 1-(2,2'-bipyrid-4-yl)-1,2,3-triazole-4,5-dicarboxylic acid (dctzbpy), is described. The new dye complexes [Ru(bpy)2(dctzbpy)][PF6]2 (AS16), [Ir(ppy)2(dctzbpy)][PF6] (AS17) and [Re(dctzbpy)(CO)3Cl] (AS18) were prepared in a two stage procedure with intermediate isolation of their(More)
A model of quantum-von Neumann hybrid cellular automata: principles and simulation of quantum coherent superposition and dehoerence in cytoskeletal microtubules (1&2) 22 A. Ambainis (I), Exact quantum algorithms have advantage for almost all Boolean functions (5&6) 435 A. Ambainis (II), Spatial search on grids with minimum memory (13&14) 1233 A. Ambainis(More)
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