Christopher J. Wolfe

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The functional status (Th1- versus Th2-like) of CD4 T cells primed against human collagen type IV (hCol IV) or a single 30mer peptide from the alpha 2 chain of this molecule is predicted by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II (I-A) genotype of the responding mice. H-2s mice elicit Th1-like cell-mediated responses to these antigens, whereas(More)
Accounting ®rms are intensifying their reliance on experiential learning, and experience increasingly involves the use of computerized decision aids [Messier, W. (1995) Research in and development of audit decision aids. In R. H. Ashton & A. H. Ashton, Judgment and decision making in accounting and auditing (pp. 207±230). New York: Cambridge University(More)
Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) operon copy number and gene order were determined for the luminous bacterial symbiont of Kryptophanaron alfredi, an anomalopid (flashlight) fish, and estimated for the luminous symbionts of 3 other fish families and of 3 luminous seawater isolates. Compared with the seawater isolates and other fish symbionts, the copy number of rRNA(More)
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