Christopher J. Wilkinson

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The centrosome is the major microtubule-organizing centre of animal cells and through its influence on the cytoskeleton is involved in cell shape, polarity and motility. It also has a crucial function in cell division because it determines the poles of the mitotic spindle that segregates duplicated chromosomes between dividing cells. Despite the importance(More)
The human Polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1) and its functional homologues that are present in other eukaryotes have multiple, crucial roles in meiotic and mitotic cell division. By contrast, the functions of other mammalian Polo family members remain largely unknown. Plk4 is the most structurally divergent Polo family member; it is maximally expressed in actively(More)
The molecular basis of nephronophthisis, the most frequent genetic cause of renal failure in children and young adults, and its association with retinal degeneration and cerebellar vermis aplasia in Joubert syndrome are poorly understood. Using positional cloning, we here identify mutations in the gene CEP290 as causing nephronophthisis. It encodes a(More)
Entry into mitosis occurs after activation of Cdk1, resulting in chromosome condensation in the nucleus and centrosome separation, as well as increased microtubule nucleation activity in the cytoplasm. The active cyclin-B1-Cdk1 complex first appears at the centrosome, suggesting that the centrosome may facilitate the activation of mitotic regulators(More)
After duplication of the centriole pair during S phase, the centrosome functions as a single microtubule-organizing center until the onset of mitosis, when the duplicated centrosomes separate for bipolar spindle formation. The mechanisms regulating centrosome cohesion and separation during the cell cycle are not well understood. In this study, we analyze(More)
John A Sayer1,2,22, Edgar A Otto1,22, John F O’Toole1, Gudrun Nurnberg3,4, Michael A Kennedy5, Christian Becker3,4, Hans Christian Hennies3,20, Juliana Helou1, Massimo Attanasio1, Blake V Fausett6, Boris Utsch1, Hemant Khanna7, Yan Liu8, Iain Drummond8, Isao Kawakami9, Takehiro Kusakabe9, Motoyuki Tsuda9, Li Ma10, Hwankyu Lee11, Ronald G Larson11, Susan J(More)
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