Christopher J. Ploch

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The goal of this manuscript is to establish a novel computational model for stretch-induced skin growth during tissue expansion. Tissue expansion is a common surgical procedure to grow extra skin for reconstructing birth defects, burn injuries, or cancerous breasts. To model skin growth within the framework of nonlinear continuum mechanics, we adopt the(More)
The Wolverine is a mobile, wearable haptic device designed for simulating the grasping of rigid objects in a virtual reality interface. In contrast to prior work on wearable force feedback gloves, we focus on creating a low cost and lightweight device that renders a force directly between the thumb and three fingers to simulate objects held in pad(More)
Lateral skin stretch is a promising technology for haptic display of information between an autonomous or semi-autonomous car and a driver. We present the design of a steering wheel with an embedded lateral skin stretch display and report on the results of tests (N=10) conducted in a driving vehicle in suburban traffic. Results are generally consistent with(More)
Grasping and manipulating uncooperative objects in space is an emerging challenge for robotic systems. Many traditional robotic grasping techniques used on Earth are infeasible in space. Vacuum grippers require an atmosphere, sticky attachments fail in the harsh environment of space, and handlike opposed grippers are not suited for large, smooth space(More)
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