Christopher J. P. Newton

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This study was performed to compare the soft tissue movements in facial profile predicted by a computer package with those that had actually occurred following a maxillary advancement osteotomy. The source of the material was serial lateral cephalograms for 25 consecutive patients who had received similar Le Fort I osteotomies primarily to correct an(More)
This study was performed to compare soft tissue movements resulting from a series of Le Fort I osteotomies with those predicted for the same cases by means of a computerised software package (COG 3.4). The source material consisted of serial lateral cephalometric radiographs for 25 consecutive patients that had received similar Le Fort I osteotomies(More)
liquid crystals, bistability, topological classification Bistable director configurations are of great interest in liquid crystal display technologies, offering the possibility of higher resolution combined with reduced power consumption. One way to achieve such bistability is to use the cell geometry. As part of an ongoing programme to analyze quasi-stable(More)
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