Christopher J. Miller

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  • Erik G. Puffenberger, Robert N. Jinks, Carrie Sougnez, Kristian Cibulskis, Rebecca A. Willert, Nathan P. Achilly +19 others
  • 2012
The Clinic for Special Children (CSC) has integrated biochemical and molecular methods into a rural pediatric practice serving Old Order Amish and Mennonite (Plain) children. Among the Plain people, we have used single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) microarrays to genetically map recessive disorders to large autozygous haplotype blocks (mean = 4.4 Mb) that(More)
The chronic phase of HIV infection is marked by pathological activation of the immune system, the extent of which better predicts disease progression than either plasma viral load or CD4(+) T cell count. Recently, translocation of microbial products from the gastrointestinal tract has been proposed as an underlying cause of this immune activation, based on(More)
  • David Favre, Sharon Lederer, Bittoo Kanwar, Zhong-Min Ma, Sean Proll, Zeljka Kasakow +9 others
  • 2009
Chronic immune activation and progression to AIDS are observed after SIV infection in macaques but not in natural host primate species. To better understand this dichotomy, we compared acute pathogenic SIV infection in pigtailed macaques (PTs) to non-pathogenic infection in African green monkeys (AGMs). SIVagm-infected PTs, but not SIVagm-infected AGMs,(More)
Studies of biological underpinnings of personality suggest that serotonergic functioning relates to certain personality traits. However, how to interpret the findings depends partly on assumptions about how personality is organized. These assumptions are reflected in the assessment devices used and also in how the data are examined. Review of evidence to(More)
We present an efficient algorithm to actively select queries for learning the boundaries separating a function domain into regions where the function is above and below a given threshold. We develop experiment selection methods based on entropy, misclassification rates, variance, and their combinations, and show how they perform on a number of data sets. We(More)
In 2 meta-analyses involving 58 studies and 59,575 participants, we quantitatively summarized the relative reliability and validity of continuous (i.e., dimensional) and discrete (i.e., categorical) measures of psychopathology. Overall, results suggest an expected 15% increase in reliability and 37% increase in validity through adoption of a continuous over(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the impact of serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin, an oral medical food known to neutralize bacterial antigen and reduce intestinal inflammation, on restoration of mucosal immunity and gastrointestinal function in individuals with HIV enteropathy. DESIGN Open-label trial with intensive 8-week phase of bovine serum immunoglobulin(More)
The current knowledge about early innate immune responses at mucosal sites of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) entry is limited but likely to be important in the design of effective HIV vaccines against heterosexual transmission. This study examined the temporal and anatomic relationship between virus replication, lymphocyte depletion, and cytokine gene(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence-based interventions are frequently modified or adapted during the implementation process. Changes may be made to protocols to meet the needs of the target population or address differences between the context in which the intervention was originally designed and the one into which it is implemented [Addict Behav 2011, 36(6):630-635].(More)
  • Chris A Collins, John P Stott, Matt Hilton, Scott T Kay, S Adam Stanford, Michael Davidson +12 others
  • 2009
The current consensus is that galaxies begin as small density fluctuations in the early Universe and grow by in situ star formation and hierarchical merging. Stars begin to form relatively quickly in sub-galactic-sized building blocks called haloes which are subsequently assembled into galaxies. However, exactly when this assembly takes place is a matter of(More)