Christopher J. Meyer

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To examine social interdependence theory dynamically, we develop a theory of structural adaptation based on “asymmetric adaptability.” We suggest that it is more difficult for teams to shift from competitive to cooperative reward structures than from cooperative to competitive structures. We show that teams that switch from competitive to cooperative reward(More)
Although there is a growing literature on organizational identification, relatively little research has investigated other possible targets of identification. In a sample of veterinarians working in a wide range of organizations, the authors compared their identification with the veterinary profession, their organization, and their workgroup. The authors(More)
In this article, the authors argue that there is no one best way to make placement decisions on self-managed teams. Drawing from theories of supplementary and complementary fit, they develop a conceptual model that suggests that (a) maximization principles should be applied to extroversion variance (i.e., complementary fit), (b) minimization principles(More)
Personal reputation has been argued to demonstrate important influences on work outcomes. However, substantive research on personal reputation is relatively scarce. This two-study investigation empirically supports and extends existing theory regarding the temporal development of personal reputation (i.e., antecedents and consequences), and thus contributes(More)
Highly porous metal acetabular components have emerged for revision hip arthroplasty. However, superior mechanical stability over traditional cementless components has not been demonstrated. Three different cementless acetabular components, including 2 highly porous tantalum designs, were inserted into hemipelvis specimens with a superolateral defect.(More)
OBJECTIVE We conducted a survey of the members of the Society of Computed Body Tomography/Magnetic Resonance to assess current techniques in liver imaging using helical CT. MATERIALS AND METHODS The survey, which was designed to update earlier surveys from 1987 and 1993, included a questionnaire distributed to 77 members of the Society of Computed Body(More)
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) is known to have a higher prevalence in blacks and Polynesians. It has been postulated that a deeper acetabulum increases the shearing forces on the proximal femoral physis, resulting in a higher incidence of SCFE. It was the purpose of this study to investigate acetabular depth in the normal adult population as a(More)
L ymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) and multifocal micronodular pneumocyte hyperplasia produce cystic and nodular disease, respectively, in the lungs of patients with tuberous sclerosis (TSC). The objective of this study was to prospectively characterize the prevalence, clinical presentation, and genetic basis of lung disease in TSC. CT scanning of the chest on(More)
I the late 1990s, the KPMG and Brakke studies were major research projects conducted to learn more about the profession of veterinary medicine. Both gave the profession high marks with respect to the depth of medical knowledge, the level of care for animals, and the quality of veterinary school education in veterinary science and medicine. In addition, in(More)