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Transfer of MPEG(1900)-DSPE from micellar phase to pre-formed liposomes imparts long in vivo circulation half-life to an otherwise rapidly cleared lipid composition. MPEG(1900)-DSPE transfers efficiently and quickly in a time and temperature dependent manner. There is negligible content leakage and a strong correlation between assayed mol% MPEG(1900)-DSPE,(More)
More people are learning to code than ever, but most learning opportunities do not explicitly teach the problem solving skills necessary to succeed at open-ended programming problems. In this paper, we present a new approach to impart these skills, consisting of: 1) explicit instruction on programming problem solving, which frames coding as a process of(More)
Personas often aim to improve product designers' ability to "see through the eyes of" target users through the empathy personas can inspire - but personas are also known to promote stereotyping. This tension can be particularly problematic when personas (who, of course as "people" have genders) are used to promote gender inclusiveness - because reinforcing(More)
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