Christopher J McLaughlin

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Desmoplastic small round cell tumor is a recently described neoplasm with multidirectional differentiation. Although it occurs predominantly in adolescent males as an intraabdominal mass with multiple peritoneal implants, we report a case with primary pleural involvement. The cytologic features correspond to previously reported histologic findings and(More)
Chemical probes have great potential for identifying functional residues in proteins in crude proteomes. Here we studied labeling sites of chemical probes based on sulfonyl fluorides (SFs) on plant and animal proteomes. Besides serine proteases and many other proteins, SF-based probes label Tyr residues in glutathione transferases (GSTs). The labeled GSTs(More)
The role of terrigenous sediment in controlling the occurrence of coral reef ecosystems is qualitatively understood and has been studied at local scales, but has not been systematically evaluated on a global-to-regional scale. Current concerns about degradation of reef environments and alteration of the hydrologic and sediment cycles place the issue at a(More)
Enriched with fluoride: To expand on the available tools to interrogate proteases, we explored sulfonyl fluorides as activity-based probes. An alkyne-tagged sulfonyl fluoride covalently modifies members of the S1 family of serine proteases. By applying click chemistry, avidin enrichment and mass spectrometry, we can enrich and identify active endogenous(More)
The Muller F element (4.2 Mb, ~80 protein-coding genes) is an unusual autosome of Drosophila melanogaster; it is mostly heterochromatic with a low recombination rate. To investigate how these properties impact the evolution of repeats and genes, we manually improved the sequence and annotated the genes on the D. erecta, D. mojavensis, and D. grimshawi F(More)
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