Christopher J. Marino

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The nutrition label format currently used by consumers to make dietary-related decisions presents significant information-processing demands for integration-based decisions; however, those demands were not considered as primary factors when the format was adopted. Labels designed in accordance with known principles of cognitive psychology might enhance the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Individuals with Alzheimer disease (AD) have a higher risk of falls than their cognitively intact peers. This pilot study was designed to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of a small-group balance exercise program for individuals with AD in a day center environment. METHODS Seven participants met the inclusion criteria:(More)
Alex Lieberman is an alumni of Cornell University and is attending the Masters of Science Program at Pace University. In his spare time he enjoys tackling problems of all kinds and developing new ideas for products and business. Alex has developed an application in the Google Play store and currently has more on the way. Christopher Tino has more than 10(More)
  • Krishna B Kumar, John G Matsusaka, Marco Adler, Cristina Bassetto, Yasushi De Nardi, Anthony Hamao +7 others
  • 2008
This paper develops a theory in which individuals can use one of two types of human/social capital to enforce contracts: " Local capital " relies on families and other personal networks; " market capital " relies on impersonal market institutions such as auditors and courts. Local capital is efficient when most trading is local, but only market capital can(More)
GUARD Project: GSM cellular phones and the hearing system: effects of exposure of Sprague-Dawley rats and combined effects of gentamicin and microwaves exposure in Guinea-pigs. Progress report SVM-based criterion for classification and variable selection in AEPs recorded under electromagnetics fields. Effects of the electromagnetic field of mobile(More)
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