Christopher J. Mallery

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Web applications are fast becoming more widespread, larger, more interactive, and more essential to the international use of computers. It is well understood that web applications must be highly dependable, and as a field we are just now beginning to understand how to model and test Web applications. One straightforward technique is to model Web(More)
Keywords: Software testing Database modification Web applications Functional testing a b s t r a c t Many organizations rely on web applications that use back-end databases to store important data. Testing such applications requires significant effort. Manual testing alone is often impractical, so testers also rely on automated testing techniques. However,(More)
Localization, an important challenge in wireless sensor networks , is the process of sensor nodes self-determining their position. The difficulty encountered is in cost-effectively providing acceptable accuracy in localization. The potential for the deployment of high density networks in the near future makes scalability a critical issue in localiza-tion.(More)
Localization is the process in which nodes in a wireless sensor network self-determine their positions in the network. While there are many effective mathematical techniques for solving the problem of localization, most are not suitable for the resource-constrained distributed environment of sensor networks. We propose ANIML an iterative , range-aware(More)
— The ability to geometrically represent sensed phenomena within a wireless sensor network can provide a more concise view than enumeration of all nodes identifying a phenomenon. A more concise view of sensed data can reduce the communication and energy costs of data analysis and extend the lifetime of the network. We propose a distributed edge detection(More)
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