Christopher J. Lowrance

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Wireless communication is an essential component of many unmanned systems, yet presently, there are some communication challenges that limit the full potential of these systems. In particular, transmission distance, throughput efficiency using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and wireless spectrum availability are a few of these challenges. In order to(More)
Twitter sentiment analysis has become an effective way in measuring public sentiment about a certain topic or product. Thus, researchers have worked extensively in recent years to build efficient models for sentiment classification. In this paper, we will measure the effect of varying the training set size on the classification accuracy and F-score of SVM(More)
With foresight into the state of the wireless channel, a robot can make various optimization decisions with regards to routing packets, planning mobility paths, or switching between diverse radios. However, the process of predicting link quality (LQ) is nontrivial due to the streaming and dynamic nature of radio wave propagation, which is complicated by(More)
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