Christopher J. Hutton

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This study investigated behavioural problems (as rated by mothers) in 38 children who had been suddenly bereaved of an infant sibling between 3 and 27 months previously. These children were compared with 40 children matched on age, gender, family composition and social background. Bereaved siblings were reported to have a prolonged and significantly(More)
We describe an in vitro selection procedure for oligodeoxynucleotide-directed mutagenesis, which produces mutants at frequencies of greater than 90%, facilitating the identification of mutants directly by nucleotide sequencing. The method is based on the selective methylation of the mutant strand by the incorporation of 5-methyl-dCTP. Restriction(More)
1. A significant increase in the activity of serum cholinesterase and concentration of dextran sulphate precipitable lipoproteins, cholesterol and triglycerides was observed in sixteen children with a diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome when compared with the values obtained in 22 other normal children of comparable ages. 2. In 7 children with nephrotic(More)
The toxicity of benzene is well established, particularly its chronic effects on the hematopoietic system and its role as a carcinogen. Acute effects are known but less well documented. This case report describes three cases of acute benzene poisoning resulting from an industrial accident aboard a chemical cargo ship. Complete autopsies were performed on(More)
Accurate forecasts of water demand are required for real-time control of water supply systems under normal and abnormal conditions. A methodology is presented for quantifying, diagnosing and reducing model structural and predictive errors for the development of short term water demand forecasting models. The methodology (re-)emphasises the importance of(More)
A patient admitted to this hospital with Parathion poisoning had a marked reduction in serum cholinesterase activity and concentration of low density lipoprotein. The enzyme and the lipoprotein levels returned to normal with clinical recovery. Guinea pigs treated with phospholine iodide showed depressed levels of serum cholinesterase and beta-lipoprotein.(More)
A young married couple committed suicide by hanging, using an unusual arrangement in which the weight of the other partner's body was essential in successfully completing the suicide. Suicide pacts are unusual and the following case history illustrates features that are somewhat atypical, even considering the infrequent nature of such events.
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