Christopher J. Hull

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FlyFactorSurvey ( is a database of DNA binding specificities for Drosophila transcription factors (TFs) primarily determined using the bacterial one-hybrid system. The database provides community access to over 400 recognition motifs and position weight matrices for over 200 TFs, including many unpublished motifs. Search(More)
Tissue transplantation immunity with a specific memory component is demonstrated in populations of Montipora. This highly discriminating immunoreactivity derives from extensive allogeneic polymorphism of histocompatibility (H) markers. An H system of immunorecognition is postulated to have originated in multicellular invertebrates probably beginning with(More)
  • C J Hull
  • 1982
When a clinical dose of a competitive neuro-muscular blocking drug is given I.V. to a patient, a period of latency is followed by a progressive onset of blockade until a maximum is reached after several minutes. Thereafter, the intensity of block declines gradually. The precise relationship between the dose of drug and the time-course of the effect is(More)
Alfentanil 35 micrograms kg-1, was used successfully in a patient with severe aortic stenosis, in order to minimize the haemodynamic responses to intubation and surgery during Caesarean section. The baby was delivered apnoeic, unresponsive and with poor muscle tone, but responded rapidly to naloxone. Plasma alfentanil concentrations and percentage binding(More)
The neuromuscular blocking characteristics of fazadinium and pancuronium were compared using a general pharmacodynamic model. Since it characterizes the overall relationship between dose and effect, the model can be used to determine precisely equipotent doses, compare time-effect curves, and reconcile the apparently inconsistent clinical and(More)
Propofol was used to induce and maintain anaesthesia in patients undergoing minor gynaecological procedures. Quality of anaesthesia, the rate of recovery and the influence of different methods of premedication were assessed. Unpremedicated patients required a higher induction dose than those premedicated with either lorazepam or papaveretum and hyoscine,(More)
To Her, still a mystery to me. Every human product, as small as it may be, is of course a social and collective product. Having said that, it is a real pleasure for me to express my personal gratitude to all those persons that directly made this thesis possible with their explanations and suggestions. I thank Loriano Bonora for introducing me to the theory(More)
Even patients with changing moles face long dermatology appointment wait-times: a study of simulated patient calls to dermatologists. Acrylic nail curing UV lamps: High-intensity exposure warrants further research of skin cancer risk To the Editor: Recent media headlines have highlighted safety concerns regarding skin cancer risk and ultraviolet (UV) lamps(More)
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