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The Maillard or browning reaction between reducing sugars and protein contributes to the chemical deterioration and loss of nutritional value of proteins during food processing and storage. This article presents and discusses evidence that the Maillard reaction is also involved in the chemical aging of long-lived proteins in human tissues. While the(More)
The Amadori Rearrangement Product is the first stable adduct formed during glycation (nonenzymatic glycosylation) of protein. This review deals with the structure of the Amadori adduct on protein, factors affecting the kinetics and specificity of glycation of protein, measurements of the extent of glycation of proteins in vivo, and the possible significance(More)
FlyFactorSurvey (http://pgfe.umassmed.edu/TFDBS/) is a database of DNA binding specificities for Drosophila transcription factors (TFs) primarily determined using the bacterial one-hybrid system. The database provides community access to over 400 recognition motifs and position weight matrices for over 200 TFs, including many unpublished motifs. Search(More)
Alfentanil 35 micrograms kg-1, was used successfully in a patient with severe aortic stenosis, in order to minimize the haemodynamic responses to intubation and surgery during Caesarean section. The baby was delivered apnoeic, unresponsive and with poor muscle tone, but responded rapidly to naloxone. Plasma alfentanil concentrations and percentage binding(More)
It has been demonstrated that a simple two-compartment kinetic model may account for the changes in plasma concentration of pancuronium after i.v. administration. However, it can be shown that this simple model does not account satisfactory for the observed changes in muscle twitch response. By the addition of a receptor (biophase) compartment, twitch(More)
In vitro phagocytosis of yeast cells by hemocytes of the mollusc Biomphalaria glabrata can occur in the absence of plasma, but is enhanced by opsonization in plasma from certain snail strains. We have investigated the carbohydrate specificity of the hemocyte-bound receptor for phagocytosis and the free plasma opsonin using two dominant carbohydrate(More)
  • C J Hull
  • 1986
Unless patients harbouring this uncommon tumour are correctly prepared and protected from the effects of excessive catecholamine release, they are greatly at risk when undergoing surgical procedures of any kind. This short review describes the clinical syndromes associated with phaeochromocytoma, the diagnostic procedures which may identify and localize the(More)
A demand analgesia apparatus is described. It communicates with the patient by means of spoken messages in any desired language, so that preliminary instruction is unnecessary. Dosage is limited by a reduction in respiratory rate, and by a series of electronic fail-safe circuits. Operation of the system is illustrated in a series of 10 patients given(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of a muscle relaxant may differ in elderly compared with young adult patients for a variety of reasons. The authors compared the effects of a new muscle relaxant (cisatracurium) in young and elderly adults and used pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling to identify factors explaining differences in time course of effect. METHODS(More)