Christopher J. Hull

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FlyFactorSurvey ( is a database of DNA binding specificities for Drosophila transcription factors (TFs) primarily determined using the bacterial one-hybrid system. The database provides community access to over 400 recognition motifs and position weight matrices for over 200 TFs, including many unpublished motifs. Search(More)
Tissue transplantation immunity with a specific memory component is demonstrated in populations of Montipora. This highly discriminating immunoreactivity derives from extensive allogeneic polymorphism of histocompatibility (H) markers. An H system of immunorecognition is postulated to have originated in multicellular invertebrates probably beginning with(More)
The neuromuscular blocking characteristics of fazadinium and pancuronium were compared using a general pharmacodynamic model. Since it characterizes the overall relationship between dose and effect, the model can be used to determine precisely equipotent doses, compare time-effect curves, and reconcile the apparently inconsistent clinical and(More)
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