Christopher J. Guion

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The clinical value of routine chest radiographs was prospectively evaluated in a pediatric intensive care unit. Physicians were asked to predict findings of clinical impact in 353 routine morning chest radiographs performed in 101 patients after examining the patients. In 81 instances (23%), the clinical impact of the chest radiographs was incorrectly(More)
We prospectively evaluated the efficacy and clinical usefulness of bedside chest radiography in a pediatric intensive-care unit. Seven hundred ninety-five radiographs were evaluated in 126 patients over a 10-week period. Eighty-one percent of all radiographs showed one or more cardiopulmonary abnormalities, and 25% of routine radiographs had findings that(More)
A 17-month-old international adoptee presented to a neurosurgery clinic with a membrane-covered sac emanating from a lower thoracic spinal defect. The child had normal function of the right lower extremity and minimal movement of the left lower extremity with a left clubfoot. The asymmetry of findings suggested an underlying splitcord malformation, which(More)
Pathologic conditions involving the temporal bone in infants and children are now commonly diagnosed by computed tomography (CT). The importance of utilizing high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) with magnified, thin (1.5 mm) scans in both the axial and coronal planes is stressed in order to obtain the maximal anatomic information that is critical for(More)
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