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BACKGROUND The influence of stress on neuropsychological functioning was assessed in socially phobic (SP), comorbid socially phobic/major depression (CM), and asymptomatic control subjects (AC) under baseline and stressor conditions. METHODS Subjects were 33 clinically diagnosed undergraduates aged 18 to 41 years. Neuropsychological measures included the(More)
Referring a patient to a neuropsychologist for evaluation provides a level of rigorous assessment of brain function that often cannot be obtained in other ways. The neuropsychologist integrates information from the patient's medical history, laboratory tests, and imaging studies; an in-depth interview; collateral information from the family and other(More)
In a population of inpatients, individuals were observed to continually score in the impaired range on the Frontal Assessment Battery (FAB) without exhibiting other signs of frontal-lobe damage. Investigations were undertaken to determine if the subtest structure, demographic factors, or general cognitive functioning may be responsible for patients' poor(More)
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