Christopher J Fanelli

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A new alpha-amylase (EC from Bacillus subtilis was purified by affinity chromatography. The molecular weight of the purified enzyme, estimated from sodium dodecyl sulphate/polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis, was 93000, which is very different from the molecular weights of two well-characterized amylases from B. subtilis. Electrofocusing showed an(More)
The tableau input coupled kinetic equilibrium transport-unit world model (TICKET-UWM) has been developed as a screening model for assessing potential environmental risks associated with the release of metals into lakes. The model is based on a fully implicit, one-step solution algorithm that allows for simultaneous consideration of dissolved and particulate(More)
Biogenic amines and steroid hormones are postulated to play an important role in human and animal behavior. Steroids may exert some control over amine activity by influencing one or more aspects of amine metabolism. The brain slice technique offers a useful in vitro system for determining biogenic amine reuptake, a major control mechanism for regulating the(More)
Clefts of the palate and/or lip are among the most common human craniofacial malformations and involve multiple genetic and environmental factors. Defects can only be corrected surgically and require complex life-long treatments. Our studies utilized the well-characterized Pax9-/- mouse model with a consistent cleft palate phenotype to test small-molecule(More)
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