Christopher J. Butler

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Recent studies have shown that, in response to global climate change, diverse avian taxa are now nesting measurably earlier (< 10 days) in both the United States and Britain. Similarly, several studies on European birds have now demonstrated that a variety of species (although not all) are arriving increasingly early. However, surprisingly, widespread(More)
The shear rate dependence of platelet aggregation geometries is investigated using a combination of in vitro and numerical experiments. Changes in upstream shear rate, γ(Pw), are found to cause systematic changes in mature platelet aggregation geometries. However, γ(Pw) is not the only factor determining the shear rate experienced by a platelet moving over,(More)
We analyse the new ISCCP (International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project) D2 cloud data to ascertain whether or not a connection between cosmic ray flux and cloud cover exists. Despite a previous finding that total cloud factor and cosmic ray fluxes were correlated, our results indicate that only the low-level cloud follows solar activity over the full(More)
Surfaces of semiconductors with strong spin-orbit coupling are of great interest for use in spintronic devices exploiting the Rashba effect. BiTeI features large Rashba-type spin splitting in both valence and conduction bands. Either can be shifted towards the Fermi level by surface band bending induced by the two possible polar terminations, making Rashba(More)
Measurements of the Stark effect on the rotationally resolved S(1)<--S(0) fluorescence excitation spectrum of aniline are reported, providing quantitative information about the degree of charge transfer in the electronic transition. We find that mu(a)(S(1)) = 2.801 +/- 0.007 D, a value that is approximately 150% larger than the ground state, mu(a)(S(0)) =(More)
Knowing the location of a social media user and their posts is important for various purposes, such as the recommendation of location-based items/services, and locality detection of cri-sis/disasters. This paper describes our submission to the shared task " Geolocation Prediction in Twitter " of the 2nd Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text. In this shared(More)
Perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic dianhydride (PTCDA)/Bi2Se3 and Fe/PTCDA/Bi2Se3 heterointerfaces are investigated using scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. The close-packed self-assembled PTCDA monolayer possesses big molecular band gap and weak molecule-substrate interactions, which leaves the Bi2Se3 topological surface state intact under(More)
The flow of blood past an axisymmetric thrombus analogue, within an in vitro geometry, is computed via solution of the discrete three-dimensional (3D) Navier–Stokes equations. Particle tracking is used to model the behaviour of thrombocytes (platelets) moving throughout the domain and to investigate behaviour with respect to the platelets. The system is(More)
High quality single crystal ZrSiS as a theoretically predicted Dirac semimetal has been grown successfully using a vapor phase transport method. The single crystals of tetragonal structure are easy to cleave into perfect square-shaped pieces due to the van der Waals bonding between the sulfur atoms of the quintuple layers. Physical property measurement(More)