Christopher J. Barnes

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Lipid peroxidation products can be cytotoxic. Our objectives were (1) to use two pro-oxidants (iron and a pro-oxidative drug) to selectively increase lipid peroxidation in the implanted human breast tumours of mice consuming fish oil and (2) to kill the cancer cells without harming normal host tissues. The theoretical basis for selective cytotoxicity is(More)
Oestrogen receptor (ER) is a good prognostic marker for the treatment of breast cancers. Upregulation of metastatic tumour antigen 1 (MTA1) is associated with the invasiveness and metastatic potential of several human cancers and acts as a co-repressor of nuclear ER-alpha. Here we identify a naturally occurring short form of MTA1 (MTA1s) that contains a(More)
A modified Delphi process assessed current multiple sclerosis (MS) practice patterns for secondary and primary progressive MS (secondary progressive MS [SPMS] and primary progressive MS [PPMS]). In early 2011, 2 sequential, case-based surveys were administered to 75 US MS specialists to assess treatment practices and patient management. Respondents were(More)
Much research effort has been directed toward understanding how estrogen [17beta-estradiol (E2)] regulates cell proliferation and motility through the rapid, direct activation of cytoplasmic signaling cascades (i.e. nongenomic signaling). Cell migration is critical to cancer cell invasion and metastasis and involves dynamic filamentous actin cytoskeletal(More)
Sustained use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may prevent colorectal cancer. However, the optimal drug, period of efficacy and mechanism(s) of action are unknown. Experiments were undertaken to determine which of several NSAIDs would modulate colon crypt cell proliferation or apoptosis when given during the initiation phase of(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess activation of muscles of hip adduction using EMG and force analysis during standard clinical tests, and compare athletes with and without a prior history of groin pain. STUDY DESIGN Controlled laboratory study. PARTICIPANTS 21 male athletes from an elite junior soccer program. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Bilateral surface EMG recordings(More)
The optimisation of heat transfer between fluid and metal plays a crucial role in gas turbine design. An accurate prediction of temperature for each metal component can help to minimise the coolant flow requirement, with a direct reduction of the corresponding loss in the thermodynamic cycle. Traditionally, in industry fluid and solid simulations are(More)
Root-associated fungi are key contributors to ecosystem functioning, however, the factors which determine community assembly are still relatively poorly understood. This study simultaneously quantified the roles of geographical distance, environmental heterogeneity and time in determining root-associated fungal community composition at the local scale(More)
Background: d-α-tocopherol is a naturally occurring form of vitamin E not previously known to have antitumor activity. Synthetic vitamin E (sE) is a commonly used dietary supplement consisting of a mixture of d-α-tocopherol and 7 equimolar stereoisomers. To test for antilipid peroxidation and for antitumor activity of sE supplementation, two groups of nude(More)
Bolivia is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet. Between the Andes and the Amazon drainage basin spans the Yungas, a vast forested region shown to be extremely species rich in macro-organisms. However, it remains unclear whether this high diversity is also reflected in microbial diversity. Here we assess the genetic, taxonomic and(More)