Christopher J. Atkinson

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This paper explores the socio-technical approaches being developed in the Center for Health Informatics and Computing [CHIC] for addressing issues within healthcare that necessitate the integration of information systems with clinical and managerial development. A brief description of the health provision in the UK is given as a background to understanding(More)
This paper explores how the Soft Information Systems and Technologies Methodology (SISTeM) and Actor Network Theory may be combined to address real world problematisations that lead to integrated human/machine interventions in the real world. An important component of this is the need for a modeling language for the multidimensional systemic representation(More)
This paper is an exploratory account of the further development and application of a hybrid framework, StructurANTion, that is based on Structuration and Actor Network Theories. The use of social theories in general and their use in information systems research in particular is explored leading to the use of the framework to examine the concept of what are(More)