Christopher J. Atkinson

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Natural organic biomass burning creates black carbon which forms a considerable proportion of the soil’s organic carbon. Due to black carbon’s aromatic structure it is recalcitrant and has the potential for long-term carbon sequestration in soil. Soils within the Amazon-basin contain numerous sites where the ‘dark earth of the Indians’ (Terra preta de(More)
The anatomy of the graft tissue between a rootstock and its shoot (scion) can provide a mechanistic explanation of the way dwarfing Malus rootstocks reduce shoot growth. Considerable xylem tissue disorganization may result in graft tissue having a low hydraulic conductivity (k(h)), relative to the scion stem. The graft may influence the movement of(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS An investigation was carried out to determine whether stomatal closure in flooded tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum) results from decreased leaf water potentials (psi(L)), decreased photosynthetic capacity and attendant increases in internal CO(2) (C(i)) or from losses of root function such as cytokinin and gibberellin export. (More)
Sustainable intensification is seen as the main route for meeting the world's increasing demands for food and fibre. As demands mount for greater efficiency in the use of resources to achieve this goal, so the focus on roots and rootstocks and their role in acquiring water and nutrients, and overcoming pests and pathogens, is increasing. The purpose of this(More)
This paper provides an introduction to the Soft Information Systems and Technologies Methodology (SISTeM©) in use. It describes its origins, its mode of use: Mode 1, the decision/learning cycle; mode 2, the design/action cycle. It also sets out the underpinning notion of the human/machine activity system on which the approach is based. The relationship(More)
This paper explores the socio-technical approaches being developed in the Center for Health Informatics and Computing [CHIC] for addressing issues within healthcare that necessitate the integration of information systems with clinical and managerial development. A brief description of the health provision in the UK is given as a background to understanding(More)
Water use and plant growth and quality were compared across different nursery stock beds, different methods of applying irrigation, and different methods of scheduling irrigation. With overhead irrigation, scheduling of irrigation according to plant demand, along with an irrigation system designed to maximise irrigation uniformity, resulted in substantial(More)
dry matter production in oak (Quercus robur L.) seedlings and clonal cherry (Prunus avium L. × pseudocerasus Lind.) plants were measured during 19 months of growth in climate-controlled greenhouses at ambient (350 vpm) or elevated (700 vpm) CO2. In both species, the elevated CO2 treatment increased the PPFD saturated-rate of photosynthesis and dry matter(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS A number of strawberry varieties were surveyed for their total ellagic acid concentration, and attempts were made to determine if ellagic acid and ascorbic acid concentrations of two strawberry cultivars could be increased by polythene reflective mulches. METHODS After adjusting crop yields and cultivation using polythene mulches with(More)