Christopher Hunt

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The enormous numbers of microtubules within the nutritive tubes of hemipteran ovarioles are amenable to the hook-decoration technique for determining microtubule structural polarity, as they can be microdissected from ovarioles intact. This has allowed the correlation between the polarity of this continuously elongating complex of microtubules within a(More)
Emotional and behavioral changes (e.g., irritability and anger or alternatively passivity and inertia) are common after traumatic brain injury (TBI). These changes have been conceptualized as reflecting a loss of regulation, specifically control (loss of inhibition) and/or drive (self-initiation). However, no empirical studies have examined the relationship(More)
The clear zones seen around microtubules in transverse sections of nutritive tubes vary in size depending on whether a microtubule is bordered by ribosomes or by another microtubule. We consider that such a finding is not consistent with the current view, that the clear zone is maintained by microtubule-associated material. It can, however, be accounted for(More)
Deficits in emotion perception are prevalent in people with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) and are an important target for remediation. Preliminary work has indicated that emotion perception can improve with treatment but there is a dearth of studies examining the efficacy of specific techniques. In this study we examined two remediation strategies:(More)
Bundles of native microtubules isolated from the ovarioles of hemipteran insects are seen to shimmer when observed using dark-field microscopy. This novel form of microtubule motility becomes even more obvious when the isolated bundles are detergent-extracted and reactivated. We have studied the nucleotide-specificity and the drug-sensitivity of microtubule(More)
The movement of radioactively labelled polypeptides into the microtubule-associated transport channels in the ovaries of a hemipteran insect has been analysed using SDS-polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis and fluorography. The patterns of label suggest that the microtubules which pack the transport channels form a relatively static cytoskeleton while(More)
This report presents three methods, which together present a test methodology for assessing solder joint reliability. This is based on microsectioning, shear strength and electrical continuity measurements after short-term thermal cycling. The technique of microsectioning, shear testing and continuity measurements are considered to be complementary. The(More)
This guide recommends best practice used for short-term accelerated thermal cycling as a method for assessing solder joint reliability. Three techniques (shear testing, and electrical continuity measurements, complemented with microstructural investigations) are described. Extracts from this report may be reproduced provided the source is acknowledged and(More)
By challenging and engaging students in interdisciplinary projects, we provide a learning platform to enhance creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while promoting an innovation-oriented culture in academia. In this paper, we summarize interdisciplinary and undergraduate research projects in music and animation that integrate(More)