Christopher Hughes

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—Parallel scalability allows an application to efficiently utilize an increasing number of processing elements. In this paper we explore a design space for application scalability for an inference engine in large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR). Our implementation of the inference engine involves a parallel graph traversal through an(More)
The review describes methods of de novo sequencing of peptides by mass spectrometry. De novo methods utilize computational approaches to deduce the sequence or partial sequence of peptides directly from the experimental MS/MS spectra. The concepts behind a number of de novo sequencing methods are discussed. The other approach to identify peptides by tandem(More)
Contemporary high-density electroencephalographic systems (hd-EEG) comprising up to 256 electrodes have inter-electrode separations of 2-4 cm. Because electric currents of the brain are believed to strongly diffuse before reaching the scalp surface, higher-density electrode coverage is often deemed unnecessary. We used an ultra-dense electroencephalography(More)
INTRODUCTION Sudden impact disasters often result in the displacement of large numbers of people. These movements can occur prior to events, due to early warning messages, or take place post-event due to damages to shelters and livelihoods as well as a result of long-term reconstruction efforts. Displaced populations are especially vulnerable and often in(More)
In the scientific literature, there is much evidence of a relationship between age and dexterity, where increased age is related to slower, less nimble and less smooth, less coordinated and less controlled performances. While some suggest that the relationship is a direct consequence of reduced muscle strength associated to increased age, there is a lack of(More)
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