Christopher Howson

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BACKGROUND Trend data for causes of child death are crucial to inform priorities for improving child survival by and beyond 2015. We report child mortality by cause estimates in 2000-13, and cause-specific mortality scenarios to 2030 and 2035. METHODS We estimated the distributions of causes of child mortality separately for neonates and children aged(More)
Since January 2000 the Chilean Ministry of Health has required the fortification of wheat flour with folic acid (FA) at a concentration of 2.2 mg FA/kg in order to reduce the risk of neural tube defects (NTD) in newborns. This policy was expected to result in a mean additional intake of approximately 400 microg FA/d. We assessed the effectiveness of the FA(More)
BACKGROUND Every year, 1·1 million babies die from prematurity, and many survivors are disabled. Worldwide, 15 million babies are born preterm (<37 weeks' gestation), with two decades of increasing rates in almost all countries with reliable data. The understanding of drivers and potential benefit of preventive interventions for preterm births is poor. We(More)
Preterm birth complication is the leading cause of neonatal death resulting in over one million deaths each year of the 15 million babies born preterm. To accelerate change, we provide an overview of the comprehensive strategy required, the tools available for context-specifi c health system implementation now, and the priorities for research and(More)
The association of beer drinking with cancer of the rectum was investigated in a case-control study of 130 male and 88 female rectal cancer cases and 336 male and 249 female controls. Information was obtained on consumption of beer, wine, and hard liquor throughout adulthood (quantity and duration), as well as on smoking and sociodemographic(More)
Sohni Dean, Igor Rudan, Fernando Althabe, Aimee Webb Girard, Christopher Howson, Ana Langer, Joy Lawn, Mary-Elizabeth Reeve, Katherine C. Teela, Mireille Toledano, ChandraMouli Venkatraman, José M. Belizan, Josip Car, Kit Yee Chan, Subidita Chatterjee, Stanley Chitekwe, Tanya Doherty, France Donnay, Majid Ezzati, Khadija Humayun, Brian Jack, Zohra S. Lassi,(More)
Providing care to adolescent girls and women before and between pregnancies improves their own health and wellbeing, as well as pregnancy and newborn outcomes, and can also reduce the rates of preterm birth. This paper has reviewed the evidence-based interventions and services for preventing preterm births, reported the findings from research priority(More)
CONTENTS ix PREFACE President Franklin Roosevelt established the March of Dimes Foundation in 1938 to defeat polio. He created a partnership of volunteers and researchers that led to the development of the polio vaccines. Today the March of Dimes mission is improving infant health by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. A birth(More)
For the implementation of emerging second screen TV applications, there is a need for a technique to assure fast and accurate synchronization of media components streamed over different networks to different rendering devices. One approach of great value is to exploit the unmodified audio stream of the original media, and compare it to a reference version.(More)