Christopher Ho

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Ad Hoc Networks are gaining popularity as a result of advances in smaller, more versatile and powerful mobile computing devices. The distinguishing feature of these networks is the universal mobility o f a l l hosts. This requires re-engineering of basic network services including reliable multicast communication. This paper considers the special case of(More)
In cache-coherent non-untform memory access (CC-NUMA) multiprocessors, the amount of memory consumed by the directories grows with the number of memory blocks and the number of processors. In this paper, we propose to eliminate the cost of directories by storing directory entries in the same memory usedfor the data that we keep coherent. A memory block(More)
Sclerosing lipogranuloma (SLG) of the male external genitalia is a rare benign condition presenting as subcutaneous masses. The underlying pathological process is a granulomatous reaction of fatty tissue in this area. The cause of this is unclear but hypothesis stems around the pathogenesis of exogenous lipid degeneration from injection of foreign bodies(More)
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