Christopher Henry

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OBJECTIVES We combined social-network analysis and molecular epidemiology to investigate Staphylococcus aureus among drug users. METHODS From 2003 through 2005, we recruited adult drug users in Brooklyn, New York. Of 501 individuals recruited, 485 participated. Participants were screened for HIV infection and S. aureus carriage, and they answered a(More)
The 2008 Wells earthquake occurred on a northeast-striking, southeast-dipping fault that is clearly delineated by the aftershock swarm to a depth of 10-12 km below sea level. However, Cenozoic rocks and structures around Wells primarily record east-west extension along north-to north-northeast-striking, west-dipping normal faults that formed during the(More)
[1] Analysis and modeling of InSAR data covering the 2008 Reno-Mogul M 4.7 earthquake swarm indicate that the main event was produced by slip on a previously unrecognized strike-slip fault in the Reno basin. Deformation of 0.5– 2.5 cm in radar line-of-sight was produced by the main event and post-seismic slip over an area of more than $150 km 2. This(More)
Virgin Valley uranium district from the southeast. View shows air-fall tuff of the Virgin Valley Formation (foreground); nearly flat-lying, uranium-bearing, fluvial and lacustrineVirgin Valley Formation beds across Virgin Creek; Canyon Rhyolite in shadow (background); and Mesa Basalt (on the horizon). texture in quartz-adularia breccia matrix. Moonlight(More)
INTRODUCTION The Virginia City Quadrangle is an area of nearly 150 km 2 centered about 25 km southeast of Reno (fig. 1). It encompasses a significant part of the southern Virginia Range (fig. 2), and includes the historic towns of Virginia City, Silver City, and Gold Hill (fig. 3), as well as suburban developments in Steamboat Valley, along the Geiger Grade(More)
In the western Great Basin, the Walker Lane is a system of right-lateral strike-slip faults accommodating ~15-25% of relative motion between the Pacific and North American plates. Relatively high rates of recent (<10 Ma) west-northwest extension absorb northwestward declining dextral motion in the Walker Lane, diffusing that motion into the Basin-Range.(More)