Christopher Harrison

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OBJECTIVES Prevalence estimates of multimorbidity vary widely due to inconsistent definitions and measurement methods. This study examines the independent effects on prevalence estimates of how 'disease entity' is defined-as a single chronic condition or chapters/domains in the International Classification of Primary Care (V.2; ICPC-2), International(More)
BACKGROUND As the population ages, practice and policy need to be guided by accurate estimates of chronic disease burden in primary care. OBJECTIVE To produce a preliminary set of methodological considerations for cross-sectional and retrospective cohort studies of multi-morbidity in primary care using three studies as examples. Prevalence rate results(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate prevalence of chronic conditions among patients seeing a general practitioner (GP), patients attending general practice at least once in a year, and the Australian population. DESIGN SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS A sub-study of the BEACH (Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health) program, a continuous national study of general(More)
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is an independent health and welfare statistics and information agency. The Institute's mission is to inform community discussion and decision making through national leadership in the development and provision of authoritative and timely information on the health and welfare of Australians. The General(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care settings play a vital role in the early detection and appropriate management of musculoskeletal conditions in paediatric populations. However, little data exist regarding these conditions in a primary care context or on the presentation of specific musculoskeletal disorders in children. The aim of this study was to estimate the(More)
OBJECTIVES Since the introduction of Australia's human papillomavirus vaccination program, the management rate of genital warts in sexual health clinics and private hospitals has decreased in women of vaccine-eligible age. However, most genital warts in Australia are managed in general practice. This study examines whether a similar decrease occurred in(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the impact of two interventions on computer-generated prescriptions for antibiotics--(i) an educational intervention to reduce automatic computerised ordering of repeat antibiotic prescriptions, and (ii) a legislative change prohibiting the "no brand substitution" box being checked as a default setting in prescribing software--and to(More)