Christopher Harrison

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OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalence and patterns of multimorbidity in a sample of patients attending general practice, in the population who attended general practice in 2005, and in the Australian population. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Secondary analyses of data from a study of prevalence of selected conditions (a substudy of the BEACH [Bettering(More)
BACKGROUND Acute low back pain (LBP) is primarily managed in general practice. We aimed to describe the usual care provided by general practitioners (GPs) and to compare this with recommendations of best practice in international evidence-based guidelines for the management of acute LBP. METHODS Care provided in 3533 patient visits to GPs for a new(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate for the first time the incidence and healthcare resource utilisation associated with genital warts (GW) in Australia prior to the human papillomavirus vaccination programme. METHOD The authors analysed data from the nationally representative Bettering the Evaluation of Care and Health general practice cross-sectional programme and(More)
Incidence of zoster and post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) and associated health care resource utilisation were investigated in the Australian population aged > or =50 years, using general practice data from 2000 to 2006, and pharmaceutical prescribing, hospital morbidity and emergency department data from 1998 to 2005. Zoster and PHN incidence rates were(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate prevalence of selected diagnosed chronic diseases among patients attending general practice, in the general practice patient population, and in the Australian population, and to compare population estimates with those of the National Health Survey (NHS). DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS In late 2005, 305 general practitioners each(More)
OBJECTIVES Prevalence estimates of multimorbidity vary widely due to inconsistent definitions and measurement methods. This study examines the independent effects on prevalence estimates of how 'disease entity' is defined-as a single chronic condition or chapters/domains in the International Classification of Primary Care (V.2; ICPC-2), International(More)
BACKGROUND The general practice workforce required for Australia in the future will depend on many factors, including geographic areas and patient utilisation of general practice services. OBJECTIVE This article examines the current and future general practice workforce requirements by way of an analysis of geographic areas accounting for differing(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing trends in incidence of herpes zoster (HZ) have been reported in Australia and internationally. This may reflect the impact of childhood VZV vaccination programs introduced universally in Australia in late 2005. The objective of this study was to evaluate changes in incidence of HZ and PHN in Australia over time, and associated(More)
Two cases of difficult ventilation are presented, the first caused by endotracheal tube obstruction with nasal turbinate, and the second caused by tracheobronchial obstruction with blood clots. The clinical presentation in each case was characterized by extreme difficulty in ventilating and severe hypercapnia despite vigorous ventilatory efforts with either(More)