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3 The capability approach of Amartya Sen evaluates well-being in terms of an individual's achievements and abilities to function. The traditional view of capabilities is that they are discernable as part of an individual's own set of characteristics, or as part of a package of socially provided services. We argue that individuals also have access to a broad(More)
RecQ helicases are believed to function in repairing replication forks stalled by DNA damage and may also play a role in the intra-S-phase checkpoint, which delays the replication of damaged DNA, thus permitting repair to occur. Since little is known regarding the effects of DNA damage on RecQ helicases, and because the replication and recombination defects(More)
The uniqueness of a surface density of sources localized inside a spatial region R and producing a given electric potential distribution in its boundary B0 is revisited. The situation in which R is filled with various subregions, each one having a definite constant value for the electric conductivity is considered. It is argued that the knowledge of the(More)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-DNA adducts pervert the execution or fidelity of enzymatic DNA transactions and cause mutations and cancer. Here, we examine the effects of intercalating PAH-DNA adducts on the religation reaction of vaccinia DNA topoisomerase, a prototypal type IB topoisomerase (TopIB), and the 3' end-resection reaction of Escherichia(More)
The low school attainment, early marriage, and low age at first birth of females are major policy concerns in less developed countries. This study jointly estimated the determinants of educational attainment, marriage age, and age at first birth among females aged 12-25 in Madagascar, explicitly accounting for the endogeneities that arose from modelling(More)
[reaction: see text] Colchicine is an important and synthetically challenging natural product. The key synthetic step in this approach to the synthesis of colchicine involved a palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction between 5-bromotropolone (4) and an aryl siloxane to form the aryl-tropolone bond. The coupling of a variety of highly functionalized aryl(More)
Vaccinia DNA topoisomerase forms a covalent DNA-(3'-phosphotyrosyl)-enzyme intermediate at a specific target site 5'-C(+5)C(+4)C(+3)T(+2)T(+1)p downward arrow N(-1) in duplex DNA. Here we study the effects of position-specific DNA intercalators on the rate and extent of single-turnover DNA transesterification. Chiral C-1 R and S trans-opened 3,4-diol(More)