Christopher H. Pham

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The concept of DNA "repair centers" and the meaning of radiation-induced foci (RIF) in human cells have remained controversial. RIFs are characterized by the local recruitment of DNA damage sensing proteins such as p53 binding protein (53BP1). Here, we provide strong evidence for the existence of repair centers. We used live imaging and mathematical fitting(More)
Myriapods (e.g., centipedes and millipedes) display a simple homonomous body plan relative to other arthropods. All members of the class are terrestrial, but they attained terrestriality independently of insects. Myriapoda is the only arthropod class not represented by a sequenced genome. We present an analysis of the genome of the centipede Strigamia(More)
The shift from solitary to social behavior is one of the major evolutionary transitions. Primitively eusocial bumblebees are uniquely placed to illuminate the evolution of highly eusocial insect societies. Bumblebees are also invaluable natural and agricultural pollinators, and there is widespread concern over recent population declines in some species.(More)
This paper presents an industry practice for highly efficient source code analysis to promote software quality. As a continuous work of previously reported source code analysis system, we researched and developed a few engineering-oriented intelligent extensions to implement more cost-effective extended code static analysis and engineering processes. These(More)
We introduce an agent-based model of epithelial cell morphogenesis to explore the complex interplay between apoptosis, proliferation, and polarization. By varying the activity levels of these mechanisms we derived phenotypic transition maps of normal and aberrant morphogenesis. These maps identify homeostatic ranges and morphologic stability conditions. The(More)
In contrast to the classic view of static DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) being repaired at the site of damage, we hypothesize that DSBs move and merge with each other over large distances (μm). As X-ray dose increases, the probability of having DSB clusters increases as does the probability of misrepair and cell death. Experimental work characterizing the(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) tissue culture provides a physiologically relevant microenvironment for distinguishing malignant from non-malignant breast cell phenotypes. 3D culture assays can also be used to test novel cancer therapies and predict a differential response to radiation between normal and malignant cells in vivo. However, biological measurements in(More)
Software memory leakage accounts for many dynamic system problems ranging from minor performance deterioration to major system crash due to low memory, security exploitation or other side effects. General purpose commercial static and dynamic memory leak analysis tools are available for common operating systems. However, these tools normally produce high(More)
Paraphimosis is a urologic emergency resulting in tissue necrosis and partial amputation, if not reduced. Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin of the uncircumcised or partially circumcised male is retracted behind the glans penis, develops venous and lymphatic congestion, and cannot be returned to its normal position. Invasive reduction of paraphimosis(More)
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