Christopher H Lewis

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Virtual reality environments have many potential applications in medicine, including surgical training, tele-operated robotic surgery, assessment and rehabilitation of behavioural and neurological disorders and diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of physical disabilities. Although there is much potential for the use of immersive virtual reality(More)
Virtual Reality Environments for Psychoneurophysiological Assessment and Rehabilitation-is an European Community funded project (Telematics for health-HC 1053 http:/(/) whose aim is: to develop a PC based virtual reality system (PC-VRS) for the medical market that can be marketed at a price which is accessible to its possible(More)
An experimental comparison of the effect of whole-body sinusoidal and one-third octave-band random vibration on the performance of a display reading task is described. The findings indicate that one-third octave-band random vibration has significantly less effect on performance. Subsequent measurements of rotational head motion demonstrated that this(More)
BACKGROUND This study assessed the feasibility, self-efficacy and cost of providing a high fidelity medical simulation experience in the difficult environment of an air ambulance helicopter. METHODS Seven of 12 EM residents in their first postgraduate year participated in an EMS flight simulation as the flight physician. The simulation used the Laerdal(More)
The motions of vessels may interfere with crew activities and well-being, but the relationships between motion and the experiences of crew are not well-established. Crew responses to motions of a floating production and storage offshore vessel at a fixed location in the North Sea were studied over a 5-month period to identify any changes in crew(More)
Methods and results are reported from a study of ships companies' exposure to low-frequency motions on three vessels of the Royal Navy. The aim of the study was to investigate relationships between deck accelerations and the incidence of problems such as difficulties with physical tasks, cognitive activities, motion sickness, and work effort. Ship motions(More)