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The chronic lacrimal canaliculitis is often overlooked and unsatisfactory treated. The purpose of this long-term study (1978-1991) is to call attention to special bacteriological signs and to give recommendations for proper treatment. 54 patients (39 females and 15 males) in age from 29 to 85 years (average age of 60 years) with a chronic lacrimal(More)
Neutrophilic inflammation, which often persists over days despite appropriate antibiotic therapy, contributes substantially to brain damage in bacterial meningitis. We hypothesized that persistent inflammation is the consequence of a vicious cycle in which inflammation-induced cell injury leads to the release of endogenous danger molecules (e.g. high(More)
OBJECTIVES Although most susceptibility studies for linezolid have investigated aerobic bacteria, only a few have investigated anaerobe isolates. The aim of the present study was to determine the antibacterial activity of linezolid against a larger sample of clinical isolates of Fusobacterium spp. and to report on the detailed susceptibility, stratified by(More)
BACKGROUND The conjunctival flora is of great interest for each case of intraocular operation preventing postoperative infections. Despite of negative cultures before the operation we investigated in a prospective randomized study perioperatively the bacterial situation of the conjunctiva in 105 patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS We took conjunctival swabs(More)
To determine whether the inflammation afflicting the sinus mucosa shortly after oroantral communication is due to an injury or an infection, microbiological studies of two biopsy preparations each were performed simultaneously in 20 patients with the diagnosis: radix in antro. As a rule, notwithstanding the time of oroantral communication aerobe(More)
Crossed cerebellar diaschisis (CCD) is the phenomenon of hypoperfusion and hypometabolism of the contralateral cerebellar hemisphere caused by dysfunction of the related supratentorial region. Our aim was to analyze its influence on morphologic and functional outcome in acute ischemic stroke. Subjects with stroke caused by a large vessel occlusion of the(More)
BACKGROUND Tolosa-Hunt syndrome (THS) is characterized by unilateral orbital pain, ipsilateral oculomotor paresis and a prompt response to treatment with corticosteroids. Several reports have demonstrated that the clinical features of THS are not specific to one causal aetiology and can lead to misdiagnosis. CASE REPORT We report the case of a patient(More)
313 anaerobic gram-negative rods of the Bacteroides genus isolated from 295 clinical specimens were tested for their sensitivity to azlocillin and mezlocillin using the dilution method with agar plates. 25 mg/l of azlocillin inhibited 80.2% of the strains and the same concentration of mezlocillin inhibited 86.9%. The somewhat higher in vitro activity of(More)
In 16 cases of brain abscess (1970 to 1976) 10 could be identified to be bacteriologically sterile. However in 5 cases of "sterile" cerebral abscesses, where swabs were taken under anaerobic conditions, it was possible to isolate anaerobic bacteria in every case. It is concluded that in reality thse so-called "sterile" brain abscesses were also contaminated(More)
This study was undertaken to assess the influence of preoperative ophthalmological examinations on the microbial flora of the conjunctiva. For this purpose, 112 patients awaiting ocular surgery were included in the study. Conjunctival swabs for microbiological investigation were taken by nurses on the day of admission. In addition, specimens were taken(More)
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