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Tumors of the central and peripheral nervous system were induced in rats with ethylnitrosourea. Many of these tumors were transplanted in syngeneic recipients, and several cell lines were derived from them. An antiserum raised against one such cell line in C3H mice defined two cell surface antigens in cytotoxicity tests. One, the common antigen, was present(More)
Trochleas obtained from fresh surgical specimens, autopsy material, and cadavers were studied by means of dissection, light microscopy, and electron microscopy (scanning and transmission). A bursa-like structure that has not previously been described lines the inner surface of the cartilagenous trochlea. A fibrillar, vascular sheath surrounds the(More)
1.0 Introduction " To err is human. To really foul things up requires a computer. " Anon There is an overlooked iceberg of problems in end-user computing. Spreadsheets are developed by people who are very skilled in their main job function, be it finance, procurement, or production planning, but often have had no formal training in spreadsheet use. IT(More)