Christopher Giblin

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Recent years have seen a number of high-profile incidents of corporate accounting fraud, security violations, terrorist acts, and disruptions of major financial markets. This has led to a proliferation of new regulations that directly impact businesses. As a result, businesses, in particular publicly traded companies, face the daunting task of complying(More)
The complexity and costs of conforming to regulatory objectives in large enterprises has drastically heightened the need for consistent and automated approaches to managing compliance. To uniformly describe and manage compliance policies in distributed and heterogeneous IT environments, we have proposed a compliance metamodel for formally capturing(More)
Security is one of the major concerns when developing mission-critical business applications, and this concern motivated the Web Services Security specifications. However, the existing tools to configure the security properties of Web Services give a technology-oriented view; only assisting in choosing data to encrypt and the encryption algorithms to use. A(More)
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