Christopher Geiger

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Priority-dispatching rules have been studied for many decades, and they form the backbone of much industrial scheduling practice. Developing new dispatching rules for a given environment, however, is usually a tedious process involving implementing different rules in a simulation model of the facility under study and evaluating the rule through extensive(More)
The objective of this study was to make direct comparisons of the estimates of spiral and vestibular neuronal number in human archival temporal bone specimens using design-based stereology with those using the assumption-based Abercrombie method. Archival human temporal bone specimens from subjects ranging in age from 16 to 80 years old were used. The(More)
Our laboratory has previously demonstrated that cytoplasmic trafficking and subsequent nuclear entry of nonviral plasmid DNA can be significantly enhanced through the application of cyclic stretch after transfection in vitro. In this study, we show that cyclic stretching of the murine lung using ventilation immediately after endotracheal administration and(More)
I hereby recommend that the thesis prepared under my supervision by The committee, the college, and the University of Central Florida are not liable for any use of the materials presented in this study. ABSTRACT Constitutive modeling is a method that is useful in providing precise predictions of material response in components subjected to a variety of(More)
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