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We have taken the first steps towards a complete reconstruction of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis regulatory network based on ChIP-Seq and combined this reconstruction with system-wide profiling of messenger RNAs, proteins, metabolites and lipids during hypoxia and re-aeration. Adaptations to hypoxia are thought to have a prominent role in M. tuberculosis(More)
1 Pathogen genomic data is increasingly important in investigations of infectious disease 2 outbreaks. The objective of this study is to develop methods for using large-scale genomic data 3 to determine the type of the environment an outbreak pathogen came from. Specifically, this 4 study focuses on assessing whether an outbreak strain came from a natural(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is the causal agent of the disease tuberculosis (TB). Metabolic adaptations are thought to be critical to the survival of MTB during pathogenesis. Computational tools that can be used to study MTB metabolism in silico and prioritize resource-intensive experimental work could significantly accelerate research. We have(More)
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